Death to Explosive Slaughters!


No other game has made me spend almost 100hours on the demo. With 150hours plus now, multiple clears on EVERY difficulty, and some ok placing on the leaderboards, I think I have ONE major complaint.

Explosive slaughters need to go! (or reworked)

These have become the bane of any of my scoring runs. IF it were not for other people loading saves to “remove em” I think Id be a little higher scoring wise!

On Paper ES kills are awesome! However in practice the amount of times the knock back from ES has

  1. Knocked a enemy TOO far away for a slaughter
  2. Knocked a enemy INTO level geometry
  3. BOTH, (see above)
  4. In general just, outright disrupt flow

Is INSANE! I love the idea behind them, but in their present state Explosive slaughters only cause me grief, and you can actually go back to many of my Twitch VODS outright verbally cursing ES kills when they ruined a flow or chain. Alas, suggestions!

A. Remove em, or add a option to “Turn off” in the codex. This is the most direct route, and unfortunately caters to screaming sad streamer darp.

B. Add a option or ability IN GAME to “Hold X to” button prompt to detonate WHEN you want a explosive slaughter. Tapping E for regular slaughters, HOLDING for a boom! Yes sometimes a explosion in a BIG group is good!

C. The best option I think, A combination of B ANNNND! A score rework! I would not mind explosive slaughters if point wise they were more rewarding. But as the math and meta established by bloodshot and many of the top players, I feel every time I get a multi kill I ruined my run. A combination of scoring grading changing and toggleable ES slaughters would be good for everyone I think!

Thanks again for your time and a awesome game!


You are absolutely right, brethren. I feel the same way as you; regarding the ES (explosive slaughter) in terms of there being a capability of disabling it. This is certainly my favorite game out right now. 100% invested with what Funcom decides to do with any future content. I’d love to see more Hells (levels) added, possibly? :eyes::metal:t3::white_check_mark:

What would you prfer to see in terms of a fix? And the game just came out, lets see what they do first!

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