Death upon entering the cave

playing on a siptah pvp server when I try to access the cave where the magic recipes are, my character dies. any advice?

wait for patch…

Sounds like they didn’t adjust the anti-meshing measures for that spot. Hopefully a quick fix that one.


yeah well don’t thank me…there are much bigger problems all around and especially in the playstation camp. I’m really hoping they get the critical stuff fixed so we all can have the time to play this weekend but wow…there is a huge freaking list.

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I’m not surprised, unfortunately, it’s the way fumcon works. In all the previous patches the same thing has happened and even errors appeared that had already been solved. These errors have not appeared in the testlive? or have they appeared when putting it on the official servers? As always, rushing is a bad companion. and unfortunately if funcom doesn’t change it will continue to happen and if today I doubt whether to buy the next game from this company (dune) it’s for that very reason.

Unfortunately, rush jobs are industry standard for game publishers these days. Big AAA companies screw up as badly, if not more so, than Funcom. Release schedule is not decided by the actual developers (programmers, artists, etc.) but by businesspeople. It’s a rare company that can afford to postpone a release date after spending more on marketing than actual game development.

I haven’t tried to enter the sorcery cave yet on either map, but I haven’t encountered any weird bugs playing regularly. I’m not yet sure whether I like the new attribute system. On one hand, even lower stats feel at least somewhat impactful now; on the other hand I feel like I’m going to need to respec more often than before. Maybe once I hit level 60 and play around for a bit I can come to a conclusion.

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