Debug HUD No Longer Usable In Any Server

Basic Info:
Platform: PC
Issue Type: UI/Commands Not Displaying Correctly
Game Mode: PvP, PvE-C, PvE
Server Type: Official and Unofficial (All)
Map: Exiled Lands and Siptah
Server Name: N/A
Mods: None

Bug Description:
It is not possible to turn the debug HUD on anymore. This is a very important tool for players to monitor their ping and FPS in game, especially on official servers where ping and FPS are notoriously unstable.
Bug Reproduction:
Type toggledebughud into the ~ menu and it no longer works unless you are registered as Admin


After update “Age of War”, console command ToggleDebugHUD does not display server FPS and online players. Please fix it.
Error: Could not get PlayerCount! GetSharedDebugInfo is None & Server FPS: –

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Same, I HEAVILY rely on it, especially when building, to ensure I’m not adding any noticeable strain to server FPS, and it’s an imminently useful tool to know if the server is crashing.

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Try to turn it on in single player with admin, then go to official.
I haven’t test it it.
But thats how I was able to turn off fog on official servers before update

This sort of works but not exactly, you can use it in single player as an Admin but half the info never registers afterwards- which sort of defeats the purpose of the tool, it’s quite frustrating :confused:

Is there ANY update on this? i still can’t use it on official PVE servers,a nd rely on it heavily. If not available, is there a new command we use, or at least a reason why it’s unavailable?


My theory, is that part of the 3rd party hacks on officials were utilizing the admin command toggle in the hack as the “gateway” of sorts. Again, just a hunch as to why it was removed. Maybe they can get a UI version for FPS and ping.


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