Decay Campfire!

PLS let campfires decay in time so that not everywhere that sh*** stand maybe a timer for the normal campfire of 24 hours or something it sucks in pve and in pvp to in pve you run days to finde the clan or person and not everyone is helpfull and Destroy it and in pvp (yes in pvp) there a War by distroying campfires…

If a Campfire decay it will also help the servers that must less load campfire structures and “clean” the game a little bit…

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I imagine it has to be in their next 500 fixes mega patch. It’s impossible they don’t already know, either by themselves or by our reports, about this problem.

Altars / temples, campfire, standing torches, thralls…they al littering the servers

My favorite are the thralls hovering 30 feet in the air!

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