Decay mechanic bugged - 6 months of building up on pvp server gone

This issue hasn’t existed since 2017, and it’s not a decay timer issue. We’ve already established and determined it is some kind of foundation stability bug introduced in 2.7 (At least the people posting here, who are having entire single buildings collapse)

Any news about this bug?
Abo for my servers is running out in 9 days and for no updates on the current situation or fix ETA I don’t think I will extend the runtime of any of the servers.

fly bases are working better than normal bases, they dont decay like the normals one.


If you don’t stop being facetious Imma put you in timeout. :joy:

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Still hoping there will be a fix for this in the next patch

Keeping this thing alive. Haven’t gotten any responses in some time from funcom.

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Have you guys resolved the issue yet? if not I will not return to the game until its fixed.

Will /bump this until resolved or answered for… something besides “we are aware”…how about “we are working on a fix”.