Decay rate - range

I have several bases that I’m maintaining the decay rate timer for - reaching across 16 squares on the Isle of siptah.

I recently connected them all via bridge - two squares wide just in case there’s unseen stability issue. However it seems there’s a limit on how far it is actually resetting the decay.

Im going to continue to review the bridge to see if there was a gap somewhere, but is there in fact a limit on how far you can successfully reset the timer? Or is it simply capped at a certain range?

Ideally Id like unify it to one reset timer. Any advice would be helpful. Side note, no its not mindless spamming. All I build is T3, and no spawn points were harmed in the makings of said bridge - thanks =]

Sorry but a bridge that spans across 16 squares on the map is indeed building spam and a big part of the reason why so many folk in here are asking for a building cap. There’s a video by wak I think that explains how to connect all your bases to the one timer without having them connected.

I would advise using a method such as this. It’s time consuming but better than building bridges and roads across half the map.

Thanks for the feedback. However my server really enjoys the convenience of a highway that allows a tour of all the vaults safelly - good try.

Now does anyone actually have an answer to the question?

Good try?? I wasn’t trying anything. And unless you actually rent the server you’re on it ain’t “yours”. This sort of selfish building is a problem that I promise you will be fixed sooner rather than later. Building will be capped and we will have folk like yourself to thank. And you’re welcome anytime your hunting feedback hit me up :blush::ok_hand:

Thanks but again no ones complained about it but you so far, so theres that.

Anyone have an answer for the range limit?

There is no limit on the range as long as it was built as one continuous project. If you had built your main than bridge to where you wanted your next base it would all be one timer. As it stands there is no way to get your individual bases on the one timer now.


That’s right, you can even test this on small builds as well.

Two separate builds that are close to each other will also have different timers, having someone from a different clan/solo check the timers will confirm this with more accuracy.


Awesome. That does makes perfect sense.

So the timers are resetting no matter the range on bridges linked to its original build. However any link to builds that were made prior had not, and apparently that was the reason why.

Thanks, much appreciated. Now its crystal clear


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