Decay so fast now

Its not our fault you chose the cheapest public servers possible. Don’t whine we have too many thralls. Single player is JACKED. Clans have all the priority now. Sorry i cant play everyday but you have screwed johnny play once in awile. Log in… crap hafl my buildings are gone. So fun…

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Single player is JACKED. Clans have all the priority now.

wut. How are clans the priority in single player? You will be able to turn it off. Calm down.

Playing solo on a server, not single player. Clans have multiple ppl that can log in. In solo now even a couple days offline and expensive stuff disappears from bases. Greater Wheel of Pain for example. Now gotta waste what little time i have getting resources to replace instead of just enjoying the game. Now feeding pets and thralls is coming? I already have a job, games are supposed to be an escape not a full time job.

Join a clan! Play with others! Go try a private server! Reduce your thralls down to a manageable level if you do not want to try any of the other options.

But I had thought the decay system had been left alone? You should still get about 144 hours on official servers for decay.

I had too much vodka the other night and was crabby. Lol. Love the game but the nerfs seem to really only effect solo players. Clans can still team up on the grind. Case in point, the volitale glans. Now i have to run across the map several times to make orbs for star metal. Before one trip lasted quite awhile. Anywhoo, i have a lot of friends on my server, we help each other out. I have huge bases all over the map, at this point not worth giving others access to all my stuff by joining a clan. It’s just frustrating, getting disconnected and losing everything cause no body to loot. Servers down for half a day. No way i can justify paying for private. Game is amazing but just as frustrating too. I just killed a boss spider and couldnt harvest a key because server glitched right after. Now my body is laying in the open again and server is offline. Wake up tomorrow and make all my stuff again I guess…

You don’t have to pay for private servers. They ask for donations but you don’t have to pay to play them.

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