Decay speed dose not seem to work

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU]

Hello Everyone,

is have quastion about decay setting, because it seem not working.

in standard decay setting (speed = 1), building timer is maxed to 360 hours.

I set speed to 10, but max timer remain at 360 hours.

For exemple in speed x10 (decay), one black ice fondation have a 315 hours time, is this normal ?

I wanted to set, max decay time, to something like 180 hours, is this possible ?

there is a localisation problem, it does the total oposite of what it say.

this setting increase decay timer per building.
exemple for one T3 black ice fondation
in speed x1 total decay for one is 31hours
in speed x10 total decay for one is 315hours