Decay System coding error?

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PS4 server. Just joined this server and found that the three clans that play on it are exploiting the decay system. What I mean is… since now thrall are tied to the building decay… they should decay with the building right? Well… that’s not the case on this server I just joined. The clan confirmed that they are stacking 3-4 sandstone foundations and placing thrall on top of them… and they let the foundations decay ( 1hr decay timer) so the thrall can float in the air and defend their bases with no worries of being killed.

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.stack 3 or 4 foundations high thrall on said foundations
3.let foundations decay
4.observe floating thrall

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I um… accidentally did this myself and yes it works. Hope it’s fixed soon :joy:

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Yeah, it’s very hard to combat

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@Tascha any insite on this matter? Please look and see… it’s clearly being abused. That picture is just 1 of many in this server

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Our team is aware of this and they’ll look into it.

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