Decay system destroys buildings when turned off, will not remain off

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [NA]

Upon shutting off the decay system on a private server, often times buildings instantly collapse. This seems to possibly be connected to buildings that have been upgraded at least from T1 to T2. And on top of that, the decay system just turns itself back on after a server restart.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Turn off decay system.
2.Watch buildings explode.
3.Watch decay system turn itself back on after restart.
4.Slowly step away from the turn decay off checkbox.

I had just the opposite affect. My server started without decay and when I turned it on all structures were destroyed. Had to rollback and leave it disabled until this problem is fixed

I had the same issue as Logan67.

My server didn’t have decay on, so after a couple weeks I wanted to turn it on. Literally all buildings have just exploded on my server - only some workbenches were left… This is a massive issue for me, as there’s no easy way to clean up buildings after players haven’t logged in for a long time. Please fix this :frowning:

I do a weekly cleaning on my server doing one biome at a time. Generally what I do is destroy just a campfire and see the state of the meat and putrid meat if any. Also the other server members will inform me if they find any structures. It can be a hassle for sure.