Decay System Work Around. Let's meet in the middle? Build in Caves

The decay system is a blunt stick that solves a specific problem. It also decimates your casual player base. I think Funcom can do better!

Here is a concept I would love to see in game. Obviously changes/additions can be applied as necessary.

Add dozens of very small zones (caves) to various areas of the map. Similar to dungeons, except very small and restrictive, and areas that allow for building.

Their purpose would be strictly for players to enter, claim, and build in. The decay timer in these zones would be greatly extended, perhaps as long as a month but would not be infinite.

Anyone can enter said zone at any time, and PvP could still be enabled on PvE-C and PvP servers.

Purges could still take place in the zones.

But these zones could come with draw backs as well as benefits.

And here is the kicker.

If you build in one of these caves, you cannot build outside of the cave as well. It would be a one, or the other type thing.

(This is not my preference, but this could drastically help limit building spam from casual players while also improving server performance.)

Brief description of (a) cave/zone.

Player approaches a dark cave entrance, and zones into a new area.

Player loads safely inside at the mouth of the cave, with a view of a winding pathway into the depths.

For several meters, players can not build, or place thralls. (Won’t trigger traps/get attacked instantly)

Any player structures are mostly/partially visible from this loading point, and could be fired upon with an arrow.

Player walks down one of several pathways and is now in the “build zone”.

The entire purpose of this concept is to allow for longer duration decay timers for casual players.

These caves could come in varieties, not all caves being equal.

Perhaps the “better caves” might have longer decay timers, a few ez resources, a nice view (crystals/waterfall.)

Some caves might have PvP enabled even on PvE servers.

Some caves might have water, or other resources in them.

Some caves might be larger than others, allowing for 2, or more occupants.

Regarding thralls. They could be traded for or captured before hand, that or wheels could be given a longer decay timer than other objects so that players could still place them in the outside world to acquire thralls. That or building restrictions while land claiming a cave could only refer to structures, and not placeables.

Etc. We get the idea, any issues you can think of this causing, you can likely think of a variety of solutions as well. If anyone wants to chime in about it and improve or add to the concept, feel free.

I just want a small base I don’t have to babysit on a weekly basis. And also one that looks nice that people can see after I have worked on it for months and months. Selfish me.

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