Decay Time Improvement

I play on an official server pvp. But play alone, without a clan, because is more challenger. The decay time is too short under these circumstances. I propose a modification in the calculation that consider solitaries players.

Total Time = D + C * (300*Log(L))


D: Default Time in hours. Chosen by Funcom. For example 150 Hs
C: If the player is member of a clan C=0, if not C=1
L: Player Level
Log(L): is the logarithm in base 10 of the player level

For example:

1.- if the player is member of a clan: C=0 => Total Time=D if D is 150, Total Time is 150
2.- If the player play alone C=1. And if your level (L) is:

1 the Total Time=D
10 the Total Time=D+3001=D+300 e.g. 450
30 the Total Time=D+300
1.48=D+444 e.g. 594
60 the Total Time=D+300*1.78=D+534 e.g. 684

I hope you have the possibility to consider this suggestion. The game is great.

So you want a clans stuff to decay based on the number of people in it and their level? i think the current system works fairly well. although i would say its a fairly long time already. Why should they increase it even more?

I am sorry, but you did not undestand my request, maybe because English is not my native language. I just want to modify the system when a player plays without a clan. When playing alone 150 Hs is very little.

If you look at the equation you will see that it only modifies the time when playing without clan. For the clans the calculation does not change.

The calculation I propose is progressive according to the level of the player who plays alone.

For example, for a clan of three people, one or two could be on vacation at the same time and it would be enough if the third partner play so as not to lose their constructions. But if you play alone, 150 Hs it is very little, it’s only 6 days.

Thank you for your interest in the subject.

So then you wish to punish people who play without a clan?

No. If you see the equation and make a calculation by your self, you wil notice that single players (player without clan) are benefited.Nobody loses.

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