Decay Timer on Official Servers - POLL - YOUR VOTE NOW

I think the Poll has become very clear now .

How to summerice it from my point of view:

Over 80% did not express that they are happy with the current decay system.
That is a clear signal for Funcom.

I heard that prior to release the Decay had been 2 weeks. ( please can someone confirm).

So they had a reason to reduce it to lower based in pre release experience.

So i still think based on this behaving that we can´t go back to 2 weeks. But if you move up somewhere between 1 weeks to 2 weeks - to 10 days i still think Funcom would not “increase” the server lag or performance at all - but satisfy a far larger customer base and keeping them with the Game.

I presume the voters for 14 days would still see 10 Days as a good move. And then we would have calmed down 81% of customers regarding decay.
I was suprised to still see over 21% voting for 3 weeks. But again every day or move towards more days is a good step.

So my personal feel is still 10 days. Because i did experience the Vacation Timer they had activated. And i can say that on server 1069 there had no extra Lag or anything been after 10 days of vacation timer running.

I did experience a Lag at the end of the vacation timer when we did reach 3 weeks.

Kind regards

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Despite I am personally very aware of the problems of longer decay time, due to griefers using it to make all kind of blocks, sometimes avoidable, sometimes not so much, but always a bummer…that didn’t “kill” my game.

Ultra short decay timers did. I had 3-4 bases on same official server, playing since release, having clocked about 400h on same server…and I abandoned em all this last week, after decay timers gone back to shorter decay time.

So yeah, 2 weeks is a minimum for me to come back and sink more game time…

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Exactly, thats why Funcom was forced to implement a longer decay for Summer vacation! Its a bad system and nobody likes it. While Im on topic, I live in the South hemisphere, Im not sure if Funcom personal are aware the South/North hemispheres have opposite seasons, so I ask this:

Are we gonna have extended decay timers again when Summer hits the South hemisphere? Im counting on it, I want to be treated like the other half of the players had the benefits of extended decay for their vacations. So Funcom, are you gonna consider the current decay system or have to make “extended vacation timers” every 6 months to cover South and North hemisphere vacation breaks?


I’m sorry for your loss. And I’m sorry to lose your valuable feedback on Officials. :frowning: On a personal level I’d been wondering where you were lately.

Maybe there will be a Private server where you can make a home one day. Some of the more reputable ones give you a moderated copy of the DB when/if you leave.


It needs to be faster for pvp servers.

I did some calculations when the poll was at 130 votes and came up with the average length of decay wanted based on all days being multiplied by the percent voted for, added together, then divided by the no. of voters.
The result was 9.63 days.

So 10 days might be a good spot to set it at.

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I was just thinking while reading a lot of these comments that maybe instead of increasing the decay timer, maybe implementing a new system would be better and I thought well, what about adding a system for decay similar to the feeding system for thralls?

Instead of a feeding pot make a builders stand or workbench that you must add resources to (Rocks, wood, iron and steel reinforcements etc) and like the thralls system the builders would simply repair the structures decay times until all the resources are used up.

This would mean that players willing to put extra work in collecting resources would help keep their bases standing for long periods and those lazy builders who don’t care or one time create it then leave it bases would decay as normal.
Also because it would have a radius just like Thrall feeding pot, players who abuse foundation lines would have to either create many builder workstations and fill them with rocks regularly or their foundations will decay as normal. I don’t see many foundation abusers going through too much extra work, at least not long term.

I think it would also be perfect for fixing damaged building pieces that the player cannot get to after a raid etc.

So wheres devs cooments about thread?

I think there should be a decay time for PVE and another for PVP. The problem here in my opinion is the same configuration for both.

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Yes. If you are gone for a week on an active pvp server, it’s likely your base has already been raided and stripped, but for pve/pve-c it’s more casual players.

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Was any consideration given or discussion held with respect to this poll, and this feedback? Everywhere I look - most players are frustrated that 6 days (144 hours) is a touch too short.


Say no to lag, vote 6 days !


Say yes to holidays, vote 8 days or more !


Say no to changes to the decay system, say yes to implementing a ‘vacation mode’.



I messaged to the Community Manager and got confirmation that this Poll will be brought to attention of the developers for discussion.

Does not mean anything yet. But good to know our discussions and votes are noticed.

Thank you Funcom

PS: Poll still open


Say no to adding any net-new systems. New systems that could potentially go haywire, and require tons of hours and cycles to polish and get working correctly.

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my base decayed. Was a good base, never got raided after multiple attempts months ago. But server is dead. maybe, MAYBE 1 player ever is on it but normally 0/40. I logged in the other day to see if decayed yet and it did, didn’t really care. Game is dead. Starting over from scratch to find the 1 or 2 active servers on PS4 is no fun and I know because I did that and then that server died too lol. The game was only meant to last a few months tops obviously with no server transfers and all .

Being someone with a life, a family, work, business travels and vacations, plus periods I don’t play games or play other games extensively, I personally think it’s beyond stupid what this game demands. From my experience at least on a PvE server there been as good as zero issues with buildings lasting too long (even during the 18 day phase or whatever the timer was temporary).

I want to enjoy the game, come back to the game to have fun, not feel forced to do so… also when you invest maybe 400-600 hours I do expect stuff to last and not expire after 6 days. I do get PvP would be different and surely don’t think the timer should be shared, but for PvE I don’t see an excuse for how bad the current system is… there’s other more important things for Funcom to fix than this (after making it at least 3 weeks).

Everyone’s got the right to an opinion, mine is that I’ll think about playing more when this is fixed.


The decay timer should be depended on the material your base is made off. Sandstone should decay earlier that Black Ice. It gives people an incentive to work towards higher tier buildings as well.

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I voted 10 days.
The current 6 days are really a short period, that doesn’t allow people who worked hard to take a week of vacation somewhere.
10 days is a nice balance between keeping the server clean and giving people a chance to breath.