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Yeah this is pretty good. While I would have ideally liked it to be an out-of-game thing, since going away is not always planned days in advance for me (particularly if work-related), I could probably live with this. Any outlying bases would die, but if properly prepared, at least my main base could survive.

Seems a reasonable compromise, since protecting a base then entails making sure it’s worth farming up a god token for, which should limit or remove spamming and griefing - and if it was radius-based it would make those damn decay umbilici worthless.

It would limit one’s base design if it had to fit within a god bubble though, so I’m not totally enamored with the concept, but I guess beggars can’t be choosers. Combine this suggestion with a slight increase in the general decay timer (8 days instead of 6, say) and we’d be golden IMO.


Well, the outer bubble of the god shield is pretty big. It should only take one, unless the base was really huge.


I figured 2 weeks. Sometimes my husband has 2 weeks of leave being military or has to fly out etc. Then again i got whacked with the nasty flu. Spent 7 days on the couch where trying to game i kept nodding off at the keyboard and lost my bases/maprooms. Since im solo. Yeah it all went poof before i noticed it had actually been a week. Figure let the thralls go after a week and then let the base become raidable on the 13th. Server eat it on the 14th.


Up for this :+1:




lol ingame decay timer is too short. forum thread lock is way too short.


Its fine the way it is, I mean come on have you seen some of these ungodly huge bases?? or a clan with 15(exp)
bases on a server, i can see a clan with 1, 2 or even 3 normal size bases but when they engulf half of a area thats a bit much.


This topic has been up for a full month,
86 replies,
200 players have voted and expressed their opinion
81% of them showed repulsion for the current decay timer.

I have seen Devs post on USELESS topics but why this one has not received any feedback yet??


Exactly what I keep saying everytime this topic comes up. While 6 days seems “pretty reasonable” it is NOT when unpredictable things happen. People who think its enough need to think outside the box.

Take any weekend off with family/ friends. Thats already 2-3 days away. Get home and try to turn on the computer / console just to find out it wont work, thats it, good luck. There is now only 3 days left to fix the problem and get online ASAP or else everything will be gone. The current system is dangerous like that, anyone is at the risk of losing all their work due to unexpected situations like that.


I take it , this poll is for tier 3?


Hello All.

As the OP i of course would love also a response . As this Poll had over 200 votes and 1.6 K views it shows that it is a topic that concerns us customers.

What i can do is of course provide you all with a link of the community Manager Tascha to the same questions in the XBox Community of Conan Exiles. She responded 10 Hours Ago.

This is the link to the Thread: Decay time now too short! - not accounting for people on vacation

And the Quote of Tascha:

Kind regards



This is a great idea!
Lots of people have been complaining.
Lots of other people have been wary about a prolonged decay timer.

I think 3 weeks are way too much, while 6 days is way too short.
In case of 21 days decay:
The servers will end up cluttered with long abandoned bases. Thats the one and only reason.
… And the reason why we got decay anyway.
In case of 6 days:
Vacations. Having a bad week with no time or energy left to play the game.
I think this short decay only serves one purpose: dismantling and plundering decayed buildings.
And the first month after big updates. Big updates: Map additions, long awaited features… those things.

This leads me to answer with 14 days.
Which also adds up with 1 week-vacations if not being too far away from home. But when in vacation, one would obviously NOT spend their time in the game but rather enjoy their holiday.

While I have been giving that tip with getting together as a clan with the same mindset myself, the game is so easy and solo friendly, its just wrong to have it be good for casual delight but then totally hardcore with decay.


Yeah sure, but the short decay timer doesn’t really solve that. If anything, it makes sure that people connect all their bases with butt-ugly “decay umbilicals” that stretch the length and breadth of the map, so they can keep the timer going on all bases by logging into just one of them.


Or just getting away from work.
I take all my vacations at home with my PC and SO.


14 days if Funcom really wants to keep people playing Conan Exiles. Lots of life’s emergencies could keep you away from a computer for 2 weeks in which case there would be no point in returning to Conan Exiles right now. Would you come back if all your work was trashed? I would not. I would be playing something else with a better respect for RL.

One of my beginning characters did lose everything they had built by a couple of hours over 6 days and I deleted it. I am not starting over for a timer. I would leave.


Yes, I would. Silly as it sounds, I come for the entertainment not the end-game value. I would be sad that my creative efforts are no longer visible, but I would jump in and start again because, for me, getting there is where the fun is.


Probably not. I might start playing single-player, and play around with mods for a while, but then I’d give it up.

Right now I’m playing on an official server, which to me adds some measure of, I dunno, “doing it right” compared to servers with heavily jacked up rates or easy-mode mods. Note that that’s (of course) entirely my opinion, and no insinuation of “objective truth” or insult towards those whose preferences differ is intended - any way someone finds it fun to play is obviously the right way for them, since it’s just a game and having fun is all that matters. As long as that fun is not at the expense of someone else, naturally.


If anything the decay timer should be shorter.

Much shorter.

Especially for sandstone creations.

I am sorry, I don’t really care for your vacations or business trips or whatever, especially not when fact is that your massive, ridicolous builds are creating so much lag on every… single… server. If you are so concerned about your creation, get a clan or play single-player.

Smaller builds are easier to rebuild, so I don’t see why guys making smaller creations would complain. So I will straight out assume that people who complain, are the ones who built overly sized places for themselves.

Seriously though, if we can’t keep a 6 day decay, then I suggest that we go in and make restrictions on just how many building-pieces we can use. There can’t be no compromise here when it comes to the playerbase being the ones to create lag.

I also suggest to have building pieces decay if player characters have not been within very close proximinity of these pieces.


Okay, but normal, real people have all of those things, and this game is not nearly successful enough to exclude everyone but a small segment of the population (other than what it already does by its genre and the nudity).

Urgh, this dumb argument again. The ones building gigantic, sprawing, umbilical-connected bases are NOT the ones who are hurt by the short decay timers. They play all the time, and idling away in any one of their bases refreshes every structure they own, across the whole server.

I have a small to medium sized base. I have a few T4 thralls, nothing super rare. It represents MONTHS of real time occasional gameplay. Whereas a dedicated player could probably overtake my progress in a week or less if they played 10 hours per day.

Yeah well, you’ve been wrong about everything so far, so it should come as no surprise that you’re wrong again.

Decay hurts casual players with jobs and families and lives FAR more than it hurts the mega-structures and “server kings”. And contrary to what you may think, the casual players are far more valuable in terms of selling DLC etc than the big fish (because there’s more of them, and a game server can accommodate more of them since they play less). This game doesn’t have micro transactions (thankfully!), nor does it have a monthly subscription - so catering to the few players who take up 10-100 times as many resources as the average is just stupid.


Get a clan or play single-player.

There is always that one guy that can sacrifce 5 minutes to log in and avoid decay.

Am I though?

It was flat out stated by the devs that player structures causes server lag.


But once these people disappear their building will stand there for, what is it you want, 18 days? You gotta be crazy. Not to mention the various foundations, pillars and what not that have been placed around the map.

As I mentioned. If the decay timer can not remain at six days because of a whiny few who can’t get atleast a single guy into their clan, or two to sometimes log in for a few minutes just to avoid the decaying. Or just buy a cheap, terrible laptop, I mean, you can afford planet tickets, hotels and what not. Game does not have to run extremely smooth on the laptop when you just need a five minute to log in and avoid decay.

Business trips and what not is not what I do in my line of work, so I am lucky there and I generally find travelling a hassle.

‘Normal, real people’ damn that is just a way to be rude, is it not.

The vast majority of servers are lagging by now… it says quite a lot.

With that said, me and my clan tend to prefer smaller to medium builds as well, it is easier to upgrade, not as easily defendable when it comes to raids, but that is what you have a well-covered vault for.

I also do prefer putting a restriction on just how many building blocks can be used, I believe that is what’ll worked the best.