Decay timer resetting after Restart

I believe the issue is that the game doesn’t create a field to store the time the server has been running when creating a new database.

Ratsuky from the admin discord found a workaround for the server age 0 issue, not sure if it will fix the decay timer too, I no longer admin so I can’t test it.

As always create backups before tweaking your game.db

Link to the discord message

You need to execute the following SQL statement, it will create the field and the game should be able to overwrite the values with the correct ones.

INSERT INTO dw_settings (name,value) VALUES (‘serverruntime’,‘3677564.48736522’);

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Thanks for this input.
I have just done this and will report back if it fixed the decay issue.

That would be a good solution. But it won’t work for an XBOX server, because you can’t access the database. Too bad. It would be nice if FUNCOM would do something.

So with the database modification from @soands0 i came to the following result:

1.) Yesterday when i made the change it changed nothing, lets call this Database-Test1.
2.) then today i removed the entry from the database and redone it which caused the decay to work again but everything just instantly decayed.
3.) i switched back to the backup of the database “Database-Test1”, modified in step 1 which was running for some time before i’ve done step 2 and now the decay seems to work, not 100% verified yet but the server age now shows at least 1 instead of 0 like before.

So maybe we can call this a fix even tho i can’t tell which of my 3 steps above really fixed it.

Thanks for reporting back, at least we know it’s related to the decay issue

Hey, any news about this from DevTeam ?
Maybe a small fix with 3.0 ?! Would be very nice because it brings lots of problems to our server.

we have a private server, we reformatted/ reset finally after 3 years, it reboots every day for performance reasons and the decay also restarts, Ifaik we have made no changes to the settings. I will get the server owner to concur, also i don’t think its fair to ask server owners to do DB things just to host a game