Decay timer still set to 2 weeks on officials

I like the 2 weeks. For me it also could be 8 or 9 days. So you can play on weekends.
Because with the normal 7 i have a problem when I play on Friday and the next time Saturday or Sunday the next week.


About me taking space,u can ask my server co players and hear their opinion…

As for active or not i have 5 k hours there , never decayed and also maintaining a quest board for communitty interaction …

My clanmates r in every day, but how can u miss the point of view of a single playing guy that cannot rely on clanmates for refresh?
If u prefer a server with no old players maybe the privates that wipe every couple of months , or single player is more suited for u…

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The most important thing is NOT discouraging players to leave servers overall… The ban with no warning and the trolls, and the many bugs r reasons enough to add up smaller decay timmers also …

I would prefer (and play on one) a server with GOOD communitty and a mediocre performance EVERY TIME over a server that performs great and has 5 players in …
For me CE is a multiplayer game, and not a single player one


All of those 0/40, 1/40, 2/40, etc. That seems to only have single digit players, have a much larger playerbase then they seem. Potentially even up to a hundred or more players each.

But when the majority only login a few minutes every week or two. You don’t run into them often.

The ideal situation is one where you could literally have your cake and eat it too. You can have a good community, you can have a good and active community. And best of all, you could potentially have that on a good running server.

I say potentially because I’m not certain what kind of servers FC is allowed to have. But if whatever agreement they have with G-portal is merely on how many physical racks they can have. There’s a way for everyone to have the experience you’re looking for.

Of course this does call for a server consolidation that makes the mergers look like a small operation. However if such a thing is done, it would be required to tighten up on decay timers. This way the server isn’t full of inactive players.

I’m literally talking about a 70-80% cut of servers here. This means the servers are going to be active during most parts of the day. Which would facilitate the need for cutting out more inactive portions of the base. But at the end of the day, the experiences across the board would be much better.

But that is why I posed that question. For many who simply don’t have the desire or the ability to play once a week… what’s the point of multiplayer? Are those people just leaving their builds up for random people to see? Seems a bit vanglorious when you put it that way.


Nah, just some are not fond of loosing progress over decay…

As for what u suggest, the communitty is what draws u to play (especially after a certain point)… and not the server performance…

And speaking of performance , it has been proven impossible to play with more than 20 people online… I have even noticed server located in eu having more ping that server located in west coast US (i live in athens , so u can do the maths)… And no its not my internet line, as CE is not the only multiplayer i play, nor i was the only one having these issues …

So why we even talking about cutting down 80% of servers when the existing ones cannot handle not even half of rhe population that they r supposed to ?


After the Age of Sorcery launch, and all the problems on consoles, they returned the timer to 14 days indefinitely until they could get a handle on the issues. Players could not log in, or play without getting kicked out.

Since we are coming up on the end of the year holiday season, I expect the 14 day timer will continue since we normally get a few weeks at 14 days for travel purposes.

With many, not all, problems ironed out, the soonest I would expect a 7 day timer is mid January.

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Well 14 days are better, and ‘‘vacation’’ timers should be 30 days… dunno how other countries have vacations but mine is 1 month so if i travel its 30 days not 14… sometime even can happen some stuff like this covid situation…

What i think how should be
Timers : normal 14 days, ‘‘summer’’ 30 days
Decays : When base decays , nobody can loot it in pve… Tired of some players who never actually plays but run around loot others and build walls and then tilt and starts politics… atleast those who gathers themselfs are playing and communicating normal…

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From a USA perspective…


My vote is to for 2 week timers. People logging in just to update timers will happen regardless of the value. I personally rarely log to update on two week timers. I’ve had to numerous times on one week timers over the years.
… such is my life, and I’m retired.


Two week timers should be the full-time default. I am dismayed at the selfish attitude of “well you don’t play as frequently as me so you should lose all your work.” :confused:

Is over-population and over-building an issue? YES
Are shorter decay timers the solution? Not at all.


I’ve played extensively with both decay timers and @Bladesaint is right. I’ve been a serial refresher on a few servers, and there are only three reasons why a serial refresher would let their stuff decay:

  • They decided to abandon that server permanently and made a decision to let their stuff decay.
  • Something happened in their real life – e.g. they got hospitalized – and they couldn’t log in.
  • They just don’t care enough about the whole game anymore, so they stopped keeping track of time and forgot to log in.

None of these reasons are affected by the decay time being 2 weeks instead of 1 week. You would have to cap the decay timer at 24h or so to make the serial refreshers really feel the pressure, and that would make everyone else miserable.

The fewer players playing Conan Exiles, the less buildings on the server, yet we don’t regularly propose to drive people away from the game :wink:

Just because some factor can reduce the lag, doesn’t mean it’s automatically a good thing to push for.

I agree with this 100%, that’s why I would like to see some gameplay mechanics to deal with serial refreshers. But that doesn’t mean lower decay timers will help.

If you want to make serial refreshers play more actively, you need an upkeep system that encourages active play.


Is it not selfish to log in 15 mins to hold a base location for 335 hours and 45 minutes on a regular basis?


And just for the record, the demolishing/ decay or builds create significant lag.


And BTW, we arent talking about small 5x5 builds, we are talking about fully thralled out 20x20 locations full of chests. That means everytime a more active player renders it, the server takes a hit. So saving that space is being a dbag to the community that is more active on that server.


DOES IT EVER my god.

Scouting always nets 2-3 decays for me on high pops. But I’ve definitely decayed monster bases many a time and it’s like the server ■■■■■ the bed when that happens.

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That’s the point, the machines have a quarter of the workload. G-Portal from what I understand isn’t exactly using hardware that is much different than other server hosts or those servers with dedicated machines. They run the same software as everyone else for the actual server itself, only differing in the management interface (they use proprietary instead of tcadmin).

Which tells me that less instances per machine should result in better performance. This means the servers should be fine with over 20 people online, and even 40 people online. Especially unmodded.

In my experience, nothing empties out a server quicker than server performance. If your community is large enough, you’ll keep a core base (if every other aspect is stellar), but you’ll lose hundreds of players to other servers once you see too much of NPCs and players jittering around.

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I really like small builds, but Funcom can’t be bothered to give us smaller high tier workbenches and we’re stuck shoving as many large benches into a base that we want to actually make nicer looking than a box. I’d kill for something like that, but sadly, I’m on PS5 with no access to mods and a poorly optimized game to add insult to injury. So yeah… lag is gonna happen. Crashes are gonna happen… until Funcom gives us better stuff to work with.

LOL! one of my places is slowly getting walled in actually. I still have access but i can see what the player is doing.

Ill wait to see if this clown actually circles me before i report him.

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Yeah, I play on console and there are a whole lot of trash builds in foolish places gumming up the game world. I think it’s due to the game being on Gamepass, which is great, if the servers are monitored in some way. Decay timer is one good passive way of weeding out this stuff.

Players just build in farcical places, blocking (or having their thralls continually kill) bosses, obstructing passes/waterways landmarks etc, building multiple huge bases all over the map with ridiculously extensive walls, littering the land with Map-rooms and Sorcery portals. The maps are over-crowded forcing players to build very close to each-other at times and that often leads to tension among them. It’s amazing selfish, something needs to be done.

Reducing the decay time to one week, won’t solve these problems - and is arguably a poor solution in and of itself - but it would surely help.

A far better option perhaps would be to impose improved restrictions on building, for example limiting a player to 1 base, and one map-room. A clan to n bases and n map-rooms (where n is the number of members in the clan). Make sorcery portals count as 5 thralls in your/your clan’s allocation. So yes you can still build them all over the map if you wish, but there are consequences for your actions; you can’t have 80 thralls standing outside your base don’t nothing. Make it so you can only build X units away from your placed bed. Or perhaps better; the decay time is related to your bed proximity, not foundations. Put this number at a generous value so extensive bases can still be built, but a value that stops the utterly selfish abuse of land-claim some players exhibit.

Just some example off the top of my head, both good and bad ones, but gives an idea of the ‘engineering solutions’ that could be put in place to help curb the problem on official servers without need any constant developer/human policing.