Decay timer still set to 2 weeks on officials

You are either not comprehending what I am saying or you’re twisting my words to make them fit your POV, please stop. You are trying to push the point that the stairs cross the mountain or are near a base that is blocking a path when those are separate issues…as I stated the stairs lead to the top of the mountain only, no up one side and down the other and there is no base near or attached to the stairs. The stairs are a clear violation of the TOS as well is the 4 large bases made by this same player (one player) especially when one base is a huge hollow shell and has been since it was built a couple of months ago. BTW, I do not want any of those spots as my base is built and I am not planning on moving it or building another base because I only build one base on an official server, so that throws out your assumption that I want any of those spots.

If FC wants people to play a certain way on their official servers then it is their right to make rules that are fair for all of players on those servers even if they do take some ideas that are used on private servers as their rules. I am not sure what is a good way to make the official servers more open and fair to all players that share the official servers because that is what it boils down to is fairness to new and returning players as well as the current players. I am in favor of a system that brings balance and has a warning system with communication to reduce the amount of bans due to rule breakage. I am one of the people that have actually gotten to speak with FC when my ban was issued shortly after the new TOS went into effect and was able to save my base.

A base blocking a path that makes it so you have to dismount and climb around it is just rude and annoying. I have seen many bases built on paths that the builder has made sure people can travel through the base and they only close it when they are going to get a purge.

As for people reporting bases that break the TOS that is what the system is there for. Personally I only report the extreme cases.

Anyway, I hope you have a good day.

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Inform me then, what is your complaint with the stairs then? Solely land claim? If so, why does it bother you that someone has them built? Is it because it only leads to resources as youve pointed out? Please expand on this, because all Ive gotten is that you dont like that people built there in a way you dont like.

The stairs sure, can be called land claim. We could get into a big ole back and forth on our thoughts on this, but Ill summarize in one line: I find it terribly selfish if people go around reporting other players builds when they do not affect their gameplay in any way shape or form. Those that purposely seek out things to report, in my mind are abusing the reporting system.

The bases? Because theyre big you think they are TOS? Sorry, Funcom already established that not to be a violation. Please explain then, since I didnt see you claim that those big builds lag out the server, why you are so upset about them.

If this is the reason behind Funcom banning someone for blocking passages, I just lost another level of respect for Funcom.

Yeah really…get me in vagabond and all ya all’s bases are rudely blocking my path.

You answered your own question by quoting another part of my comment…violation of TOS. Either the rules apply to everyone or to none, I am not sure how that is a difficult concect. A singular large base is not unreasonable but to have multiple with the same owner is selfish and reduces the spots for new and returning players.

To me it is rather selfish to have multiple large bases spread over the map because by doing so you effect the ability of other players to claim a nice spot for a base so that they can enjoy the game. Having a large base that has been sitting totally empty for months is the height of selfishness, especially when the person in question has 4 other bases. Blocking pathways is also very selfish…blocked paths certainly effect not just my gamelplay but that of everyone that attempts to move along that path.

But back to the stairs, if this person just had a base and then some stairs leading to resources it would not be an issue. When those stairs in combination with the other bases with multiple TOS violations come into play that makes it a different story…one that will cause problems for the server in not allowing new and returning players to enjoy it.

With the server mergers and the new content, we are seeing new and returning players and servers that have much larger populations so we have people starting on a server and not having many spaces to build a base because of the selfish people that do all the things that I have mentioned.

This is my last response to you because I tired of repeating myself to you since you see unable to comprehend what I am saying. Have a nice day.

There is a huge difference between clearly blocking a path so that no one can travel through it and a base sitting in the middle of an open area.

I’m one that supports the ToS and enforcements but that is too much. By that definition, Crevice is a no build zone and I completely disagree with that. If you can walk around with modest ability, then it should be fine. HOWEVER there are limits…you can’t block off the volcano and say that people can just climb over…that’s BS. This is why the rules are vague because there needs to be judgement calls and the world isn’t black and white but shades of grey.

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