Decay timers back to normal values next week

Hey everybody!

Hope you all had a wonderful time this summer and enjoyed the break with your close ones.
We announced back in July that our official timers would increase to 2 weeks so you could enjoy your summer away from the Exiled lands. As August fades away, we’ll be reverting those timers to the standard 7 days on all official servers, all platforms. That also includes PS4 which had 14 day timers since it was featured in PS+ to help with the huge influx of new players. When, you’ll ask? On September 6th! (that is, a week from the time of this post).

But this isn’t the only big thing happening next week, as we’re going to launch our next patch, including our new DLC pack “Blood and Sand” on September 3rd!

If you’re curious about what this patch will include, you can watch our previous devstream or read the Testlive patch notes to get an idea of most of the stuff included, with new changes and fixes packed in that we’ve been working on for the past week. And if you want to get an idea of all the goodies coming in “Blood and Sand”, you can take a look at our latest devstream showcasing all the bloody and sandy stuff bundled in, or read the very convenient recap put together by our community here.

Thank you all for your continued support and see you in the Exiled lands!