Decay Timers not Showing Times

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Oceana]

Hi folks,

Has anyone had an experience on official servers PVE-C where using a repair hammer to check decay time and the decay information does not show? All I get is just a dash “-“…??

Is this a thing now that the update has come through or are we looking at a bug?
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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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Decay timers are disabled on PVE - conflict PS4


lucky you get to play :slight_smile:

all details are here if you like a good read.


But if decay timers are removed, wouldn’t that mean that servers are going to be overloaded with buildings now???

Like Johnny who joins the server and builds a massive castle might get bored and leave…and his building just stays there now…taking up room.

Or what about people who build around teleport markers? Their buildings won’t decay either…? And those teleport markers are out of commission until Funcom eventually remove them?

Eventually space will run out.

I don’t understand. How is this better?

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Every ps4 PvE-C server is down except one. So they had to turn all decay timers off temporarily. Once the issue is resolved they will switch decay back on.


Not sure how you don’t understand the situation if you read the thread I posted. No one can join any PVE-C servers so they graciously turned decays off so we all don’t lose our bases.

Its a temporary solution we hope they can fix the servers soon. Why are you worried about random people building and quitting… how does a random abandoned building affect your gameplay?? Im quite sure your server population is as empty as all the other PVEc servers so it’s odd you are complaining about “Lack of space”.

If obs aren’t surrounded on your server already you just asked for them to be :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. Again doing such a thing will just get you banned so its not very smart…


Ok thank you for this answer. I understand now. I was worried that this was some kind of permanent move. Temporary is good.

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I don’t get what you are accusing me of mate. I was speculating. I didn’t ask anyone to do anything. You are “reading into” my comment.

Ease up.

I’m just responding to you essentially asking people to debate why turning off decays is a benefit.

It’s a Benefit for the 99% of the people that can not play and will lose everything. Your post sounds like you are upset solely about the 20 random sandstone buildings that may or may not be built on noob river and that wont go away until decays get turned back on.

Not much to “read into”. Only can be taken one way.

Edit: I had time to ponder this after i posted and it just needs to be said… Since Monday the PlayStation PVEc community has rallied to get decays turned off by flooding the forums, FC social media, and even spamming the live stream this week. So yeah its kind of insulting when you the 1% that dont have any issues or even try to contribute to the conversation come out of no where complaining about something FC did that we asked for. Your not gonna have many people backing you on this my friend.

Thanks for your opinions. I don’t think you understand me. So we will leave it at that.

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