Decay timers not working

So a few weeks back I had a clan wall in my base on a pve-c server and tell me they wouldn’t take it down until I paid them back the cost of the wall I tried contacting Funcom support but they just basically said oh well live with it but now that clan has been gone for two weeks but every time I log on my timer resets the timer on their wall does anyone know if there is a fix for this coming?

Look around their wall, if there is one of your placeables nearby. A palisade, a shrine, a planter, a banner, anything that isn’t a wall or foundation or roof.
Also look around YOUR wall, if there are any of THEIR placeables.
There is a bug that makes one clan’s placeable refresh another clan’s buildings and vice versa.

If you find any of yours, remove them.
If you find any of theirs, demolish the parts of your base that are near it, up to a radius of 10 blocks.

They have shrines all around the outside of their wall but the only thing that’s mine is the building pieces I’ve moved everything else out of that base

Are their shrines close to your walls?

Also look out for fish traps. They are easy to overlook, and they’re the most usual culprits.

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