Decay timers on torches, food etc are much faster now

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Eu]
Official server

Decay timers when using torches are much shorter now, as the timer skips 20 seconds im 3-5 secs intervals maxmimum.

Food and similar items with decay timers have the same problem.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Equip torch
2.See how the 15 mins get spent in less than 2 mins as the timer skips 20s continuosly.
3.Food has same problem


improvised torch (3 minute duration) is done after 23 seconds, basic cooked food with 30 minute duration is rotted in 5 minutes. one of the biggest issues so far for me

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I am also having this problem. Food is constantly going down by 20 seconds every 5 seconds… might be anything that has a timer… even Ice…

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Seens like someone heard the complains about survival being too easy, now food decays faster and torch too.

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Can confirm. Decay times are bugged, droping 20 secs every 5 seconds.
Please help. Haha

Dropping in to confirm. Very easy to see just by staring at a timer in-game.

I really hope you guys manage to hotfix this before the weekend break…

With at least in solo game the blood spatters on the female avatar’s skin do not fade away

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Yep, my cooked fish collection with a 2hr duration is rotting away in a scale of 5 to 10 minutes. New here and curious how fast they handle these?

Yellow lotus potion is also expiring in 30s!! Please fix it!

I can confirm that the food timer is also skipping 20 to 30 seconds at a time. In my opinion this is almost a game breaking bug. Please implement a hotfix for it as soon as possible.


looks to be 20 second lost every 5 seconds.

Yea it’s pretty bad, hope devs fix asap.

Looks like they are already on it, and we know they planned holidays by now, so it is amazing they are not surrendering.

I cant play other games like State of Decay 2 as their latest patch introduced some truly gamebreaking bugs which are taking long to fix and maybe wont be fixed till august. Oh, and they also released a paid dlc 4 days ago.

Confirmed here as well. Lotsa new bugs, with very little fixed in patch.

Seems to be more bugs now than before…

We had the same problem for torches and food, on my server since the last patch.

Do we have an update on this bug?? Has it been fixed yet?

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