Decay Timers or How FC is letting us down, again

We are experiencing, if you can believe it, yet another srability related issue causing loss due to bugs.

Why is the timer still active? As soon as FC receives several reports regarding stability and loss, they should move to preserve player’s assets immediately. Stop the timer untill they can prevent more loss. FC bugs have taken more than enough from its players already. Do something to help us. Thanking us for watching our bases/items disappear while FC works to fix its newest mistake, is not helping the players. Not preventing further loss.

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and how is the decay timer linked to the stability loss :thinking:


I can live with bugs… but losing half your progression is pretty much game breaking.

I think he ment the log saying a chest “losing stability” and shortly after if gives the log “has decayed”.

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I don’t know if it works like this. But there was a bug that if you turned off decay, after having it on, it would decay the whole server.

It looked spectacular too. It looked like an invisible wave going from one end of the map to the other. A literal wave of destruction.

Agreed. There should be a patch protocol of extra decay. This has happened way too often.


It happens frequently enough that decay should be disabled prior to each patch. Or just more thorough testing completed.


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