Decay times not the same on structures

I’m playing on official 8054. I was on 6 days ago and traveled to all of our transpitory stones and bases. I got on 4 days later to find that; 2 were gone, one was at 2 hours until decay and everything else was at 78 hours (the correct tome). They were not admin wiped, the event log said they decayed and I was able to recover our dancers. I log in just now, two days later and some are at 120 hours (correct) and some are at 30 hours! All are in small structures and exactly the same. Why are the timers wildly different when they were all visited in the same rotation?

When you go to the different structures, do you check with your repair hammer to ensure the decay timer resets before you leave?

In the past I’ve noticed sometimes it doesn’t reset right away


I have been the last two trips. The two lost ones could be for that, but that doesn’t explain the other being 2 hours, and the 30 hour one today.

Just keep in mind that there will be different decay times for different buildings/structures based on the tier of the buildings and the actual number of blocks used and items/crafting stations placed on them. Usually outposts last less than regular bases.
I would use the hammer like @Cannipals just mentioned.


Thanks, did not know that, I though timers were timers. Our ‘wayshrines’ are tier 3 mats with floor, ceiling and roof but just big enough for the stone.