Decayed buildings not getting deleted

PS4 Pro

Game mode: Online PvE Conlfict
Problem: Bug
Region: US PS4 PvE Conflict

Decayed and abandoned buildings and shrines are not getting deleted, and there’s no option to destroy them. It’s obvious the players are never coming back, and their stuff says decay. A lot of them are blocking resources, and are cluttering up the entire map.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Same thing on my server, well if my server exists anymore as it’s no longer listed.

Decayed shrines, decayed campfires, decayed wooden boxes. Been there now for 2 weeks after the structures themselves decayed and poofed.

What’s better is that one of these such buildings had skull decorations up on ledges, the ledge is obviously gone, but now the skulls are just floating in midair.

That’s exactly whats going on here, and theyre litterally everywhere, there’s almost no where left to homestead, granted, one decayed structure saved my butt when a sand storm hit while exploring