Decayed Campfire

Hello all,

is there a way to demolish decayed Campfire and Workbenches?
They taking so much place on Official PvE-F #3

You can just hit them with steel weapons or above and they will disappear after a few hits. I think iron may even work now but I don’t remember.

i test it, I hope it work =)

So, i hit it with a Iron Sword, but its still here. Are you sure i can destroy something with weapons on a PVE Server?

Ah my bad, I didn’t catch that you were on a PvE server, in that case I don’t know. If I’m right I don’t think you can destroy anyones placeables objects on PvE servers. I’m pretty sure though that the current way decaying works is bugged, since you immediately place something and its already decayed.

In the future items that are fully decayed should just disappear on their own. And they said that small placeables like tables and stuff placed on buildings will combine with the buildings decay timer, and also they will disappear together with the building if the whole thing decays.

Does this come with the Launch Patch?

Only Funcom knows for certain but I’m going to guess that yes it should. As of right now from their dev streams the only thing they are doing now until launch is polishing all of the existing features to make sure that everything that has already been revealed will be polished and work correctly on launch day (so decay system/sandstorm damage/combat/etc).