Decaying base even when logging in Official #4519

I lost EVERYTHING that i got for over 400 hours playing, i was loging to do a couple of head hunting and then loging out, only to return to my house and see…there is no house
The limit was 240 hóurs or 10 days, and i logged at least from 2 to 2 days, and still lost everything, every item, chest, every legendary loot, i lost it all. Why? Being far from your base still makes it decay? I cant undestard what happened…

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Sadly, you really need to be in rendering range of whatever thrall and building piece you wish to refresh the decay timer on. I usually prefer to physically interact with a bench or storage on whatever swathe of structures i wish to refresh.

It is also good practice to use your repair hammer to confirm the timer is reset. Simply logging and doing things away from your base will not refresh the timer.

Sorry for your loss.



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Well, i think im done with Conan by now, it was fun

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