Decomposition time of buildings on pve-c servers has been reduced

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Basic Info:

Platform: PS5
Issue Type:BUG
Game Mode: PVE-C
Server Type: EU
Server Name: 3054

Hello, as we know, pve-c servers are not working. Not which only in the morning. Why did you reduce the decomposition time of buildings from 355h to 168h? there was no information about it?
I thought you were going to freeze the decomposition time because the servers are down. players break castles. And you won’t reduce the decomposition time…

I cannot see the bug here! Every time vacations exist the decay timers go double. Every time vacations ends, decay timers go to normal. It’s true that this time after 3.0 update the decay timers went to double, but because the game on official servers was crashing for several reasons! Now the game runs, not perfect, but it runs. So decay timers are normal again, where’s the bug?

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I’m currently investigating this and will let you know of any updates when I find anything!

Thank you for your patience :smile:

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Hello everyone!

Thank you for reporting this to us.

With the end of the holidays and with mostly everyone already finishing their family gatherings, we made the decision to revert the decay timers back to it’s original 7 days.

This should be reflected in the in-game messaging as of right now.

Thank you for understanding and for your patience while we worked on adding this in-game.

Let us know if we can be of any more assistance.

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