Decoration Advice

I never decorate my base and I want to liven up my home but I just don’t know the best way how.
We also need new carpets.

Two words for you.

Hops. Planters.



Definitely Hops. All the hops you can get. Make some planters. Put in hops. A smattering of true indigo.

Add some jars from the Khitan DLC and some khitan carpeting and boom. You are an interior designer beyond compair.




Hops, but also false Mandrake look really good as decorations.

But it’s a different thing making a decorative plant from a real plant: usually real plants in a planter are bigger and they look better than a decorative plant.

You can place seed + compost in the planter… but remember you just need the planter and just 1 plant to have it looks like full of vegetable life !

Also I love to mix style in my base, I find aquilonian fences looks really nice and you can place khitan green dragons on it, I love them (your GPU and any ther player near your base do NOT because the lag, but it’s totally worth it if you ask me :laughing: )


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