Decorative and character changes

Just a few things I would like to see:

-the ability to change your characters build. All males are big and brawny while all females have an athletic type of build. I would like to have a muscular, yet scrawny type of character. Maybe have the character be overweight or really skinny.

-put in large sea creatures outside of the map and unable to interact with creatures/players. Make the water a bit more terrifying. Like in the jungle coast area. Within view but outside of the map have a giant serpent, whale, squid, dagon, etc.

-update the exiles journey. I think mining all the iron from a node should come before obtaining an iron bar.

-increase the drop rate of weapons and add short swords in the loot pool. Include explosives and traps. Also include saddles in the loot pool (maybe have a boss that drops a rare saddle that increases mount stats.

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Iron bars drop early from NPCs, you can get them with stone weapons before ever making a furnace.

Saddles are so rarely used and having them drop would totally invalidate having to ever craft the saddler’s bench.

I think weapons already drop way too much.^^

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