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Hello, this is I think more of a question for the dev team but maybe some one else has a solution or work around for this?

I’m hosting a dedicated server on my home computer, and my ISP won’t assign a Statis IP address for me, so now every week when I get assigned a new IP Address, my community has to type in a new address. Usually in this case I would use DuckDNS, which would give me a URL to hand out to people to connect to my server, and the DuckDNS software I installed on my computer would automatically update this URL to direct it to my IP Address. The problem here, is that you cannot use URLs in Conan Exiles to connect to a server and only allowed an IP address.

So my question, does any one have any work around or fix to having a Dynamic IP Address for hosting a dedicated server?

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I have no problem hvis this. Sometimes I get a new IP address. When I restart the launcher it get the new external address. I have no problem see my server in the server browser after that.
I never use direct connect to the IP address.

Some of my members use direct connect, as that’s how it’s advertised when we look for new members.

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Direct connect is sometimes the ONLY way to connect. I have a LAN server, its very intermittent. Sometimes I see my server in the list, sometimes my gf sees it. rarely we both see it.

For the last week or so, I have seen it consistently in the list, while my gf has to use direct connect. I am using static IP’s internally so IP doesn’t even change.

I spent weeks trying to identify the issue by searching and trying every method people suggest. NOTHING worked. Kind of strange they dont allow domain names to be typed directly.

EDIT: forgot to mention I also tried make it appear on the internet via port forwarding, that got me same results, aka no difference.

EDIT2: What you could do is use a static IP from a hosting company and assign the DuckDNS domain name as an alias on the static IP via the hosting. Then your friends can use that IP.

Not sure if that would work as DNS resolution needs to take place and I fear the CE browser may not be able to translate via DNS if it doesnt accept domain names to start with. But maybe someone else knows if that could work. I am thinking it won’t but worth a mention.

EDIT3: Oh wait what about the server list in steam. You can type URL in there and it can translate. That should work?

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That’s definitely a possibility (in relation to EDIT 3)…

The internal IP is not a problem, I as well set this to a Static IP Address, but it’s the external IP Address that is the issue :frowning:

EDIT1: It’d be nice to get a Dev’s response to this!

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