Dedicated Server launcher on Xbox App for PC crashing

On the Xbox app for PC, when launching the game the user is given the following 3 options:

-Conan Exiles

-Conan Exiles without BattlEye

-Conan Exiles Dedicated Server

Choosing the last option opens a loading screen very similar to the first two, then crashes with the following error message:

Couldn’t start:
CreateProcess() returned 2.

For clarity, I would have posted images but as a new user cannot do so yet. I have searched the forums for similar posts and seen nothing, although I have seen posts recommending this is how you would host Xbox servers, implying it worked in the past.

I would really like to be able to host a dedicated private server for myself and my Xbox friends, without having to pay for a 3rd party to do something my own PC is perfectly capable of.

Additionally, this is something that is clearly possible for steam users innately, and the inclusion of a dedicated server executable in the Microsoft store version implies it should be too.

Edit: posting leveled me up so here are screenshots:


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Welcome to the Forum. Have seen similar problems like this. Not being a jerk but isn’t PC version of the game considerably cheaper than console version so why not buy it and have it run smoothly on pc I mean free is for me but so is something that works. :wink: @TheLogatron

I appreciate the suggestion, but we all play on Xbox due to gamepass. Some of us have computers that could run the game, but not everyone. I don’t want to compare games, but Ark has a setting for console version where you can use your machine to run a dedicated server. I’ve used that to host servers on my PC via the Xbox app, and then join in with friends from my Xbox. I don’t see why a similar system has not/cannot be implemented for Conan.

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Well brother that would be Well beyond my pay grade. I learned today you can not put a Xbox server on a pc like I or playstation because of proprietary information built into software. @TheLogatron

That’s normal…
I’m pretty sure that system is deprecated since the dedicated server has been available as a standalone product for ages. Either that or it installs the same thing, but they forgot to update the filename.

Either way, you’re probably getting the error message, because a while back Funcom renamed the executable of the server and this launcher you have on the xbox app is clearly trying to launch the old one.

You can simply get the dedicated server launcher made by one of their developers and use that.

However, reading your second post… I must point out that Conan Exiles is NOT cross-platform.
So playing on Xbox gamepass PC, will still only allow other PC versions to connect and won’t allow any of the consoles. So in your scenario this is not in any way a solution.

Good catch, I was unaware that Xbox and Gamepass PC were in fact different versions of the game, I was under the impression I could run the console version on my PC via cloud gaming or something. While my specific situation would not be possible, I do wish they would add the ability to host a dedicated server on console, as it would give my spare Xbox something to do.


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