Dedicated server list with the server timezone

mainly for PVE-C and PVP, but it would be nice to be able to come to the forums and see what server timezone each server is on. Right now, one must ask someone else on the server (for consoles at least). And some of us like to be anti social, and not talk to anyone in general lol.

2500s East cost
2800s West coast

for PS4 i thought the same thing, but there are variances that occur, so it gets murky. This should not be too hard for Funcom to provide its players. It is as easy as 5 columns in a spread sheet.

Platform / Server # / Server Type / Region / Default Server Time Zone

Between this for official players and just adding in a freaking server time zone stamp for damage and player list screen shot, offline raiding could be monitored on private servers (consoles have no way to monitor)

oh good, you want THEM to do it…yeah that might be better

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