Dedicated server Ping 9999 For me but fine for players outside of my network

Hi, I have searched for days and can not seam to find a solution for my problem. I have a dedicated server behind a Bell Home Hub 3000, I see ping time of 9999 from my network but players from outside see the server fine, I can still connect via direct and it works fine. Is this a bell or Home Hub problem or something else.
As a side note I get a ping of 20 to 30ms when in the game which is strange since I am on a GB network and 20 feet away.

Thanks in advance for any help.

I had similar issues, it was because of port forwarding.
Basically I needed to move the ports to a higher address, especially the steam query port.

So I would guess it’s the modem.

I gave that a try and moved it up quite high and still did not help, thanks for the suggestion it was worth a try.

Have you tried to set a firewall rule for the IP address of the steam query port? It may just be a client firewall issue.

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