Dedicated Server Setup problems

So, first of all, I have to give credit to the notion of an attempt being made to ease the process for setting up a dedicated server. That said, I have to take away points for the abysmal lack of information and blatant vacancy of a clear “how to” on the subject.

I’ve stared at the barely page long page on how to setup the dedicated server which seems to want me to use house made app, which from what i’m reading in several google reports is just about as useful as Diesel in a Tesla.

There are people talking about it “working” but throwing a 9999 ping with ??? age. This all after finally getting the launcher app to be happy and show all green lights across everything. Then there’s this billion mile long error log for missing emote “montages” that apparently are just supposed to be ignored???
You would think, if it weren’t worth noting that you would make YOUR OWN software just ignore it, or at least shelve it to one of many tabs and away from the main log.

Yes my server has multiple interfaces, NO there’s nothing saying i have to do anything different about server setup based on that. MULTIHOME is for if i’m hosting more than one Conan Exiles server on the same system. (This is literally what the tooltips say) If that isn’t true, then perhaps fix that.
I can connect directly through my 10Gbps SFP+ DAC Interface but internet times out.

My brother cannot connect either, no one can connect and the ports are setup in the router, and firewall.

All I want is a simple config setup tutorial and .bat command file to launch to run the server. This app has made things far more complicated than they need to be, I’ve hosted many dedicated servers, ranging from Gmod to Minecraft, not once has a tool been so much of a problem as this. Even 7 Days To Die was easier to manage than this WITH random Gen!

The dedicated server launcher is extremely easy to use. The instructions can perhaps overwhelm but @Toolguy is a great help and if you are struggling to set it up, perhaps he can help you. Post the issues you’re experiencing in that thread. BTW, Multihome is when you’re trying to run the dedicated server on the same machine that you’re playing on, obviously you can’t use the default ports because client and server can’t share ports.

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Toolguy is indeed quite helpful and hundreds are running their servers using the app. You can also join the admin united discord where fellow players could be of help as well but regardless of which route you decide to take, remember that you need something from others, noone owes you anything and they may choose to ignore you if they don’t like your tone. No need to be passive aggressive.

P.S. Perhaps you can design your own tool or at least offer some constructive feedback. Toolguy is constantly working on improving the tool but there is probably no going around port forwarding and ISP limitations.

He posted a list if common technical issues not long ago, maybe it helps to figure it out.

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Honestly, far more positive replies than i was expecting.
I’ll look into this, though I doubt my issue is so simple.
I’ve basically setup a whole machine dedicated to hosting this, much like my antique server hardware, but with my old upgraded from Ryzen 1st Gen hardware, and a new GPU.

As far as “making my own software” yeah no, I know very intermediate/beginner for C# and VB05 more than that and go fish.

What I’m more comfortable with is configuring .ini or .config files and running the server startup .bat file. That’s how i’ve done it for almost all servers except ARK iirc, either that or 7Days.

Unfortunately, as I get older my memory gets worse, I’ve basically no memory of whatever happened the last 2 weeks except for what I’m actively working on, or have written down. Once 2 weeks passes i remember everything. Doctors think i’m making it up so I’ve got no medical explanation.

So, the server has been working just fine, but completely blocks access to it from trying to connect to it via server browser due to it being on the same gateway, which is strange to me.

Have been playing on it for the last couple days with my friend from Europe and he has roughly the same Ping as he gets to his own timezone’s Official servers, but it blows his mind how much better it performs. He isn’t rubberbanding, none of the mobs are doing nothing but suddenly killing him like his own timezone’s official servers do, and it performs better than my timezone’s official servers for him too…

Kinda bad when a cheap old 1st gen Ryzen PC out performs your Xeons, FC, but hey, Intel is still a great company… OOF …nvm LOL

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Did you figure out what the issue was in your case? Might help others.

And yes, once you see the difference in performance it is difficult to go back to officials but many don’t believe until they experience it for themselves. It doesn’t solve all the problems this game helps but the experience is a lot more enjoyable.

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Yeah, though it would have been nice if it were stated at any point in time during the entire setup that i would not be able to connect to the Dedicated server from the same gateway. But instead have to connect to it via DirectConnect LAN IP.
(Before anyone says “well yeah, that’s how it always is” NO, it is not, I’ve hosted many Dedicated Servers and this is the only one that does that.)
Technically the server had been running just fine as configured the moment i first clicked Start.

My main issue now, is there is ZERO warning for the restarts, even though the warnings are configured. Literally lost about 5 minutes worth of Dialogue scripting for an NPC due to this. (which according to the rate of which content is made for the game, would translate to about a month of work.)

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