Dedicated server showing 0 online days

Hi all,
Does any one know why my server shows 0 online days in the server list there where other servers seem to have an actual number of days counting up ?
I found another topic about this from a long time ago however no fix or official respond to that.

If any one know a fix or why this happens please let me know.


It seems like only officials are getting the “number of days” tallied, while most, if not all, private servers (including both of mine) are suffering the same as yours. While I want them to fix this, it seems like it would be a low priority compared to some of the other problems people are facing since 3.0 launch.


But why does it show to me that nearly all unofficial server also have “age” tab in the list working properly? So it is not only the official server that have that counter working

I have the same issue with my server! No mods or anything