Dedicated Server vs. Single Player "Crashes"

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Having several crashes even after update 1.42. Provided this only happens on SINGLE PLAYER and especially during the purge. Game will freeze in place requiring me to close application. Half of the time I will receive an error code “CE-34878-0” afterwards. Thought maybe it was my internet, but when I join my friends dedicated server the game never crashes. Why is this? Is this to provoke people to spend money on a server? Anyone else going through this? This didn’t always happen. Or does have something to do with the fact that I have 100 + pets and 100 + thralls, and perhaps the game can’t handle that much animation at once. But the freezing happens on base or off… Could happen anywhere on the map. Please help

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Please make sure to send the crash reports through the PS dashboard once prompted so our team can have a look at them.
Thanks for your feedback and patience.

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