Deep Agartha Gatekeeper raid failures

Maybe it’s a side effect of the June-22 patch, but I’ve been noticing some raids failing due to not enough persons in the instance.

This may be because those late to the gate start a new instance with just a handful of people, and those who finish in a full(er) instance have no incentive to go back to help others.

The prizes are already paltry as it is – it is safer, sometimes faster, and definitely more profitable to queue a New York Raid story mode than it is to attend a Gatekeeper raid.
Could the reward cooldown be removed please?

This was an easily foreseen issue. “Farming” it was not a problem, and adding the CD just means people who are “late” to a spawn either fail, or spend 20-30 minutes doing it will few people.

The TSW version always had the “failure” mechanic. The pre patch version was too easy since the Gatekeeper was being killed long before the custodians were even reaching the main platform. All they’ve done is rebalance things so that the encounter is more of a challenge.

Normally I’d argue against removing the cooldown but since the contents is minimal I’m actually with you on this one. I don’t see a huge issue with encouraging players to participate in the instance again.

The failure is only an issue in the tail end of the portal, when the player density cant support that last full instance. I have been in ones with like 15 total bees, since most people already got it. Ironically, that took over 10 minutes to kill, so if more people Had come in to help, their mission would have reset by then…but then it may not have taken 10 minutes. So the idea is to get in the First second, wait 3-4 minutes, then join one with lower pop to try and cheese out a second >.> lol

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If you see only a handful people my advice is to just turn around and walk away. You can still leave the area by the original portal. Either directly or once you jumped to the main platform, jump of the side to get to the respawn twig and jump to the original entry from there.