Default ServerSettings.ini configuration after 3.0

Hi there!
First, sorry if this is not a proper category/tags for this topic, but this forum is mighty-confusing.

After the last update, 3.0 - Age of Sorcery, I have a bunch of issues with my dedicated server. Some settings seem not to work at all, others disappear from the file after restarting the server.

I was trying to find what is the default, but the Internet also seems confused with a mix of old and new information.

Do you know where can I find the most default, the most complete and kosher settings for a dedicated server after 3.0?

If being more specific would help: I am running small server for me and my friends. PvE, with Highest possible difficulty, with Purge maxed out. No mods, we just wanna try new content.

Any help will be appreciated.

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