Defeat animals with truncheons

I know the lord of beasts Jebbal Sag is coming soon, which means maybe this won’t be as much of an issue then but until then.

I was experimenting with various weapons you can give thralls and on a whim I was like what happens to a thrall if they fight a wolf with a truncheon?

The answer is the wolf wins. Truncheons do no health damage and KO only applies to humans, so you can watch a fighter club a wolf in the face until the fighter dies.

I am actually pretty sure this is what happened to my base last night, either I or someone near me got purged while I was offline and my part base got wrecked in the process killing 4 of my thralls simply because they didn’t have a weapon that did health damage.

My archers were fine as blunt arrows still deal damage to animals, which is why I figure it was an inhuman purge that got me.

And? Honestly I hope the refrain from the same “knock out and tame”-mechanic like in Ark. I just don’t want to beat up an animal I’d like to have as a friend anymore :frowning:

Unfortunately it probably will be.
It would be more interesting if you had to locate the young version and lure it with an appropriately-baited trap which would bind it for transport. Then when home, feed and discipline/beak it until it has grown in a new animal version of wheel (ie cage) which can take a task master. Also that the adult version would also be lured by the bait but have a 90% probability of breaking the trap…and an adult animal would take longer to break in as they were more “wild” to start with and less pliable.
Where different races of task master increase speed at which certain animals are broken in …depending upon where the taskmaster and animal originate from.
But it is not likely animals aging/growing up has been coded so the bludgeon approach was probably in mind all along as I see a blue bar on their health bar.
I wonder if tamed animals will defend you and your territory like the thralls do.

I’m hoping they defend you better then Thralls do, most of my thralls stand there like idiots and watch the mammoth trample me.

Honestly I really don’t care how we actually tame the animals, I suspect it will be the knock out and drag to a wheel system we currently have.

I just want a couple of points of health damage added to the truncheons like 1 or 2 or just let truncheons do health damage equal to their concussive damage for animals and undead. 1 or 2 points of damage may not sound like a lot but if I hit you in the face repeatedly with a metal stick in real life it is going to injure you. Even if all it did was cause an animal to flee if it takes 25-50% concussive damage, animals are generally more likely to run away then humans are (we are kinda stupid like that).

I am just tired of seeing my thralls do nothing effective.