Defender Thralls/pets won’t use pot/feeder

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  • Game mode : Single player

  • Game type : PvE

  • TestLive client : Standalone

  • Detailed information of the occurrence :
    Thralls and animals with lower than full HP don’t take food from pots and feeders, unless they’re on follow. They’re in range of the feeders.
    Since 3.0.1 I noticed it naturally occurred twice during purges when full HP defenders started to losing health due to the battle. Previously none of them had food in their inventory. For testing I reproduced the bug with spawn in thralls and shalebacks admin leveled to 15 to drop HP bar.

  • Hardware info (Computer specifications/Driver versions) :
    I7-9750H, 16GB ram, RTX 2070, all drivers up to date

  • Short step-by-step guide on how to reproduce the issue:

  • Non follower Thrall/animal loses health during 1 st stage of purge
  • Control the inventory, still empty
  • Losing more health at all stages of purge
  • Controlling inventory regularly during all stages
  • Inventory still empty after purge defeated
  • Place food in their inventory, they start to eating immediately

-Follower thrall/pet pulls food from pot/feeder when losing HP on the battle, even with food already placed manually in their inventory.


  • Fill Pot with gruel, feeder with aloe
  • Spawn in 10 Thralls from T1 to T4 from various factions.
    Spawn in 10 shalebacks A-C
  • Admin leveling all of them to lvl 15 for HP bar growth
  • Controlling for 15 minutes the quantity on the pot/feeder and also on thralls/pets
  • Inventory still empty, food levels not changing on pot/feeder
  • Admin cull with shift+del
  • Repeat the whole process twice

Didn’t see this reported, so I don’t know if the problem is at my end due to settings or could be something generic.

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Seems like it’s partially fixed itself after restart. Now my full health defender carnivores also pulling the aloe from said feeder. Didn’t go through the testing or a purge for now, but if I remember correctly from a previous fix, all followers need to pull food from pots or feeders if they lost some HP.

From the positive angle, Sabre kitties need some plant matter to help vomiting furballs :yarn:

Have a nice day for everyone,

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