Define DLC? this seems more like a new game in disguise (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

From my understanding a DLC adds to an existing Game, so how is it Funcom that you call having to completely start from scratch with a new charachter and Map a DLC… seems like a lot of cost cutting to me…it’'s a whole new game… so why not market it as a new game… the theme is reminiscent of the old Age of conan…

its not a “whole new game”. You can go as far as “new game mode”, though.

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Uh… if it was a whole new game, it would retail for $40-50. Are you complaining that you’re getting too much content for $20? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


not at all… and that’s not the point as a server owner you can hopefully appreciate the amount of time and work it has been to create what we have, it’s actually heart beaking to think we are going to have to start again from scratch. honestly $20 is nothing to me however, the 6000 or more hours I have played conan just frustrates us.


They use separate database files. You can switch to one map with your server for a while, and switch back to the Exile Lands as you see fit. No progress lost to either.


DLC stands for “Downloadable Content”, by this you can understand that anything from the base game that can be downloaded to play with it is a DLC. Funcom sells DLC in form of cosmetic, attribute value items and assets to use in the game. Mods could be considered Unofficial DLC but they are not used by funcom to sell their product or to the base experience of the game.

When Funcom or any game or software developer creates a DLC that radically changes the game or increases potentially the amount of hours a player can spend in the game adding new features and options to play, in other words, expands the game, becomes an expansion. Same game, with more.

But what about the past free updates that changed the game? you may ask, well those are that, updates that becomes part of the main game after release.

To play an expansion you need the base game, it does nothing by its own. but to play the base game you don’t need the expansion. Same with the cosmetic DLCs, the difference is the size, big enough to include many cosmetic DLCs, map and assets, but not big enough to be another game, since it uses the same engine, the same models, the same gameplay than the base Conan Exiles game.

But why can’t i use my current character that i’ve spent thousands of hours to play the expansion? you may also ask.

By game design, you are not supposed to be an overlord with dozens of thralls and materials ready to build your empire in the new map, you are a survivor that has to learn and adapt to the enviroment in order to become one. you already did that in the exiled lands, but the Isle of Siptah is a different place, a different scenario and a different story, it doesnt expand the game in order to keep your previous character going, it expands de possibility to play in different maps with different dangers and challenges to overcome.


As a server owner, I’m happiest when there’s new content and new faces joining the mix because accompanying someone new to the struggle recollects how I felt when everything was new. That’s a feeling you can never really recapture, which is why I urge new players not to power level themselves thru the progression.

Getting to go thru it all again and actually have it feel new because there IS a whole new land to explore and we all get to rediscover what drew us in again? That doesn’t invalidate the fun we had before (heck, the save file is even still there), but it does let us recapture that feeling of awe and exploration again.

I get that different people had their hearts set on different things, but you’d be mistaken if you think that there aren’t those out there for whom this aligns with exactly what they were hoping for.


you are absolutely right.

its NOT an expansion.

its a level 0 grind all over again , with potentially far less content than we have right now in the “base” game/.

this is going to be a disaster. funcom simply dont get it, game director dont get it. they will launch a new game leaving the old one full of bugs!


Uh, that’s the early access price. That’s what it says.

Now, I don’t care if it is a new game, but stop defending the DLC expansion nonsense.

This is an expansion the way the Far Cry 4 was an expansion of Far Cry 3.

An expansion is Horizon: Frozen Wilds. They added a map section, harder to kill enemies, new weapons and armor, new skills to learn, and you can go there anytime and everything travels with you.


Why on earth do people keep saying this is a “whole new game”? It’s JUST A MAP & some features. There are plenty of games that have different map/match types to select from when you start playing.

That’s like saying if you play on a diff map in CoD, its a “whole new game”. Of if they add a new character to SFV it’s a “whole new game”. It’s nothing like a new game. this makes no sense.


Lol. Everyone getting all bent out of shape over this, saying the games going to die.

Ark would like to disagree with their multiple maps.

I for one am looking forward to this.


lol so , you are comparing a FPS game with a survival game, with RPG elements ? seiously?

in arl . can you access ark maps with your toon or you need to create a new toon for each map? (please answer de question)

On pc it’s gonna be 1999 plus tax and when it goes full release the prices is gonna go up so yeah define dlc an console players get no discount looks like a cash crab to me an they keep breaking it on console too🤣an refuse to let the update out

An the so called new map is only 75% the size of the map we have now so there gonna do the same thing with this map that they with the map we have now

Someone should deepfake it into Patrick Stewart’s voice :wink:


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