Delete this thread please

Delete this thread please.


I updated the main post to show proof of the code signing process.

I give this app the Spreadman seal of makes world PVP hella fun!

You can organize groups, fight over objectives and it tracks stats in real time including how well you’re healing or just supporting your team not just kills.

All it does is read your combat log that’s built into age of Conan That’s it. Literally a text file that the game generates if you type /logcombat.

I have seen countless third-party apps that have made use of this namely the DPS counters used in raids. Literally the same system it reads the data calculates stats. This app does it in real time through a server Because it has to update where you are and what you’re doing all the time.

it’s really neat how this was put together I am really impressed! Good job Johnny.

You can watch me using it on my stream next time I hop on for a demonstration

Edit: just saw the thing about the clipboard. I guess I can understand the concern there but I trust Johnny. Besides he wouldn’t want me to come after him for that mud wrestling match he promised :wink:


Someone has dethroned @MyStygga for the title of best boy :exploding_head:

You’ve added here what people have been requesting since the dawn of AoC! Single handedly :rofl:

Meaningful performance-reports after each game. Healing reports… Effective damage… Offensive and defensive CC tracking… Damage breakdown for each kill… Finishing Blow credit!

New minigame locations in cool spots throughout hyboria. New objective minigames too. Like. How fun has it been to play only in Keshetta and White Sands these last 10 years?
It was always a dream to have more organized fights in different spots throughout Hyboria.

If you’re somewhat interested in PvP and you’re sleeping on this, then shame on you :smiley: This is the one chance we’re gonna get to turn around the MELANCHOLY that is AOC PVP.

I mean the majority of the Fury population is preoccupied being whatever it is they’re being, so it’ll take some time for those guys to pick this up. Hopefully some Cromlings can step up, and I know I’ll try to.

I’ll be queing whenever I get the chance
(which btw, from the looks of it, you can do while you’re doing your Crom minis or whatever else?)


We are going to try to get some matchmaking going in about an hour (2030 - 2100 Central European). If you are interested in seeing how this will work now is the best time to sign up and bring your fury character out.

As a PvE player only this doesn’t really interest me, but I have to give credit when it’s definetly deserved. This looks really awesome, and it’s a really good initiative. I saw on Spreadicus’ stream how it worked in action, and it looks very good. Keep it up, and I genuinly hope this succeeds. The PvP community deserves it. :smiley:


As an early beta tester it was great watching this app grow and develop from its once humble origins.

I’m not very active these days, but when I did play regularly every day, these matches were some of the most fun balanced pvp I had in ages.

Highly recommend those who are curious, to join the fury pvp community. This app makes getting involved in open world pvp easier than ever before.

PVP in Age of Conan is one of the more unique experiences one can have in the mmo genre. It is for this reason that it has had such a devoted followed for so long. Even as the developers shafted the pvp community over their PvE playerbase, there has always been this group of players who relish the pvp aspect of this game, and its underrated feature of open world pvp. Try it as there is nothing out there that captures pvp the way AOC does.


It’s true. I have scoured the internet for something that comes close and the combat in AoC is one of a kind. Funcom is sitting on a gold mine.


Super made a very informative video on how to setup and signup for matchmaking using the application.


Overall, I think I support this- but I am not sure I will use it. Here are a few of my concerns

Does this fall under the overall Funcom Terms-

Additional License Limitations.
Section 2 A-
Use cheats, automation software (bots), hacks, mods or any other third-party software designed to modify, enhance, or otherwise alter the Service, the Game Client or the Game experience without the express written consent of Funcom.

Section 2 E
Modify or cause to be modified any files that are a part of the Game Client or the Service in any way not expressly authorized by Funcom.


  1. How will the gear limitations and requirements be enforced? While it does say there will be Punishment, it is based on the current votekick system which can possibly be overridden by enough players voting not to kick a violator.

  2. While my first guess is that the app is true and not designed to hack accounts, is there a possibly that someone could find a way to do it?

  3. How does it affect someone not using this app, that wants to do pvp minis? Will it make it impossible for a nonuser to find a mini game?

I do commend the effort and technical ability, far beyond my own. This app does address many common problems with pvp, balance in particular- but I do have reservations if it will bring more people back to PvP. My guess is casual pvp players will shy away from downloading something, simply to play.

I wish this well, but at the same time- I do have concerns. Good luck!

That is a pretty broad statement, this is definitely not a cheat, bot, hack or mod software. Nothing within the actual game changes or is modified.

Like I said earlier, nothing in the game is modified at all. The combat log is read from just like any other combat parser. As for the position hotkey its a key that is hotkey-able in game already. The application just tells the users system to press the key on a given interval as long as the age of conan window is focused.

The system to report players for abusing the ruleset is not currently in the app. It will be soon enough. Like any community project its going to be up to the community to do some of the moderation.

The username and password used for the app is whatever you want it to be. I recommend not using your age of conan credentials. The app will not ask for any personal information such as name, email, address, etc.

This app is for fury, fury does not have minis currently. Its already impossible to find minigames on fury. I think if you asked the guys that have done testing so far, these games have been as fun or more fun than minigames typically are.


Additionally, I have spent 1000+ hours on this project. The only reason I spent that many hours is because I wanted to build something that I’d like to play. If I was after money I would not be wasting thousands of hours developing something that will literally only cost me money (it already has).

TLDR if money is what I am after there are much bigger fish to fry.

Conquest and king of the hill is fun. Can’t wait for the attack and defend mode to roll put

I think the app is really cool and am looking forward to try it. The point @Jarafin is raising is what is also my main concern. I know you did a code signing certification, meaning that noone could alter the product you made, this gives some confidence when downloading stuff.
It might be helpful if it would be open source ? This way the community could verify the code. I’m sure there are more people who are able to read this. And I’m willing to spend some effort learning to read it as well :slight_smile:
(not sure though if its possible to trace back from the source code to the actual program thats being downloaded)

It would also be very nice if Funcom, with all their expertise, would have a look at the program and give their stamp of approval. It would give a lot of added value to age of conan pvp community for very little effort, as @chiefqueef has done all the work already.

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I don`t think it is worth to spend so much time and effort to steal AoC accounts?
But I agree that Funcom should not only give approval,but somehow promote and integrate it into the game

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The app is now really easy to set up and works very well.

It’s really fun, I can only recommend it and hope more and more people start using it.


It’s hard to say what some people would do, but I indeed would feel a whole lot better if Funcom would have some form of approval or endorsement.

Thanks for the answers, some concerns are lessened, but not all.

As I said, I commend your initiative, dedication and abililty. I hope it is successful. I never once suggested this was a monetary eneavor, clearly it is driven by a love for the game and PvP. My comments were not meant as criticism, but concern from my perspective.


Had some great matches so far, overall pretty balanced and fun. Thanks to all of the people coming out to play with us.

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Was a lot of in indeed. Very Nice work on this app! :+1: