Deleted my character by accident

Well I moved my stuff to a server because of my server was getting closed down and someone raid my little Bass I got mad and deleted my character trying to kill myself but the right by each other server 3608 character name MADBOMBER PSN drewby187 @Community

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Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done. Mistakes happen.

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For what is worth, I did it a couple of times, exactly on pvp frustration in the past. It was exactly then when I understood that knowledge is something they cannot steal from me no matter what and it was the most valuable thing. If you are new to the game and have issues to gain back your knowledge then I can suggest 2 things…

  1. We meet n a pve server you choose and I teach you my speed run.
  2. I visit you in your pvp server, try together to do the speed run but with lots of frustration and reasons to quit.
    If I will visit you on pvp, after the speed run I will disband my self from your clan because I hate pvp.
    Think and tell me.
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That’s all good I have like six more characters level 60 I just didn’t want to have to go and get the blueprints on the new map again this is second time I did it by accident this year they need to move that and make it harder for you to delete your character

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