Deleted playfield chat option

I deleted my playfield chat and cannot figure out how to put it back where it was. help. im a desperate man

Dunno if there is an easy “reset to default”. However you could ask someone to look up which chats are part of the subscribe list for that chat tab … and just recreate it manually based on that. (sorry dont have said list at hand right now =P).

Did you lose all your chat channels, or just one? If you right click on a chat tab and go subscribe channels you should be able to add all channels back there. Some channels may only show up in certain situations though, like Raid I believe (unless that changed?) So if you don’t see a channel in the list it may be because it isn’t available right then.

It there is a + button on the upper right of the chat window that lets you create a new tab if you deleted a tab by mistake.

the playfield chat does not display under the + and if i add it its just considered a channel thats named playfield, not the playfield channel itself

the + is jsut to add a new chat … you can then subscribe to whatever chats you want to display in said chat. Right click on the chat tab and there will be a subscribe option. The big question is which chats are included in the default playfield chat.

Deleting the %localappdata%\Funcom\SWL\Prefs\accountname\characterID\Chat folder should restore your chat window to its defaults.

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