Delv Bench not displaying or accessible

On private server, I used admin mode to equip and place a delvers bench. There is a person in a black robe, a small floating flame but nothing else. I cannot click on it to open it or remove it. No menu ever opens up. Not even the radial menu with return to inventory option.

Think its part of Isle dlc. Wont work till you get dlc.

Hello @chrisoliver74, welcome to the forums and thank you for pointing this out.

As MikeH has mentioned, this bench is part of the upcoming Isle of Siptah DLC and its functionality is tied with it. It shouldn’t be accessible in this patch as it’s not currently working on the console version.

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Hello, and thank you.

How can i remove it from where its placed? I have restarted the server and its still there.

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My wife admin it in yesterday would not let her deploy it. So now you have a Ghost
With no interaction?

How about removing flooring from under it. Of course that could give a unwatchable hole with it still floating around. You might want to try that outside.


I’ll give destroying the floor a shot.

Removing the two foundations under it cleared it. I don’t know why i didn’t try that sooner.

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