Delving bench not working now

Game mode: single player
Type of issue: bug
Server type:
Region us
Hardware: series s

Bug Description:

Difficult to place items in bench. Must place them in individual. Once item and bars are in, start bench and nothing happens

Expected Behavior:

To be able to break items down it get new items

Steps to Reproduce:

Place stuff in bench…start…

Any chance that anyone from funcom responds… i guess things wont be change… too bad

Delving process does work for me on Xbox. The only annoyance is the buggy part to get the items into the delving bench inventory. Drag and drop method, like on pc, does work though with some effort.

Same here, delving bench doesn’t let me move items into it. I’m surprised this isnt fixed yet since it should work just like any other bench from that perspective.

Go onto the item you want to move. Hold A-button, like drag and drop on a pc mouse (don’t release it), and move the cursor towards the delving bench inventory. Usually one of the slots doesn’t get highlighted - I have to press cursor upwards several times before it does. Just try to move the cursor, until a delving bench inventory slot appears highlighted. Then release A-button → item should be in the delving bench. Hope i’ll help.

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