Delving Bench "thrall" armor

Does the black robe on the “thrall” on the Delving Bench exist in game? I’ve only ever seen it with the AoC mod. I’d love to have it to use on my alchemists (Fashionist mod let’s me change armor on crafters. LOVE that).


One of my greatest wish here is this one. I would love to be able to do that.
But tbh, I really like the surge opportunity that gives as very easy crafters with different outfits.
With just a look in your bench you know the origin of your crafter and this is awesome.
Other than that, I believe that we need this form as a dlc. When they create a dlc all they ask is very cheap, which I am totally grateful to them.
If they do it as a dlc, I would love to have crafting benches with different styles too, like they did on the artisan tables. This would totally be worth to buy


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