Demise of Venarium RP/PVP Fresh 3/1 3x XP / 3X Harvest

Zigzag Gaming is back and revamped with a whole new admin team and dedicated staff to bring you the best gaming experience ever. We have gone back to our roots with a twist. Much like the first Land Of Kron server we have brought back our famous land claim system.

What we offer for Equipment:

  • Dedicated Server Equipment
  • Fast reliable Fiber Connections
  • Low Pings
  • Dedicated Server Staff

What we offer in Game:

  • Professional Well Versed Staff
  • The Famous Land Claim System
  • A 3x Xp 3x Harvest 2x Craft Environment
  • An Extensive RP/PVP Community (well versed in RP ways)
  • An In Depth Rule Set with a punishment system that leads to a perma ban
  • Kits you asked we brought them for you
  • RP only options ( you don’t need to PVP if you don’t want to)

Game Server info:

  • Demise of Venarium RP/PVP Fresh 3/1 3xXP/3XHarvest
  • Server IP:

We want you to have fun and enjoy were you play. Funcom has taken the game to the next level with the loot table fix and constant upgrades to performance and so have we.

Join us now at Discord were all the magic happens

Website under development will be back up soon.

We hope to see you soon

Zigzag Gaming