Denile of Game Content US-3575

Server: US Official 3575, Clan named =(E R R O R )= Has completely walled Shattered Springs, the complete Dead Mounds and most of the Pillers of Corruption to prevent all access by any players except their clan. They have spread many pillars of foundations, Pickets, and Shrines all over the map as the Land claim, and are walling off sections of the map to prevent players from traveling across the map. I spoke with PkmnNurseJoy of that clan and he said he was doing this to promote peace on the server and he told others he was land claiming so his clan could have their own massive bases. Their land claim process and walling up whole regions of the map is a denile of game content and service. PLEASE correct this so that the rest of the community can enjoy the server. Please note that the players in =(E R R O R )= have been affiliated with gamers that have been Banned before on this server under alternative accounts. PLEASE look into this. Thank you. DAVE

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