Denounces the clan based on the black fortress. 4509 server


I would like to make a complaint regarding the 4509 latam server players.
a clan called the silent legion that is based inside the black fortress.
and another clan called white wanderer that is based on clitch within the game structures.
both clans are doing anti game
@Hugo @Ignasi



It looks like the same guys we kicked from 4505, I’ll send you a message with some names to see if this guys are recurring xploiters so MAYBE the GMs take some definitive action on this “people”

They will. We got banned off fake claims so with this PROOF they should definitely get banned

We have only your word that you were banned falsely. You can appeal a ban as instructed in the Terms of Conduct document. Repeatedly claiming your innocence on the forums won’t help.

Please follow the rules and procedures or we will have to sanction your forum account.